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About Dakota & His Motivational Speeches in Phoenix, AZ

Dakota Speaks was founded by Dakota Johns, with the purpose of spreading Down syndrome awareness through motivational speeches in Phoenix, AZ, and beyond. His goal is to teach the world that disability is not a hindrance to success.

Early Life

Dakota was born on August 13, 1994. Starting at age 12, he worked at the Phoenix Zoo as a Zoo Teen for six years. Among the 300 people that applied for the position, only 80 were accepted, and Dakota was one of them. Though he was underage, the zoo hired him for his character and determination. It was in the same zoo where he met his coach, Frank Kitchen, who taught him public speaking.


In 2012, Dakota finished high school. Shortly after, he pursued his Bachelor of Arts major in Communications and minor in Video Production at the Grand Canyon University. He is now a college sophomore.


Dakota leads three committees in Mosaic, a non-profit organization dedicated to people with special needs. He is also a member of the Boy Scouts and is currently working to earn the highest rank, Eagle Scout.


Over the years, Dakota has been very active as a Special Olympian. He has participated in the following sports:

• Baseball
• Bowling
• Floor Hockey
• Sled Hockey
• Soccer
• Track & Field
• Volleyball


Aside from sports, Dakota's hobbies include video games, computers, reading, watching concerts and plays, and eating. He has been in music therapy lessons for the last 15 years and plays the guitar, drums, and keyboard.


For the last nine years, Dakota has been operating his own business, Dakota's Amazing Animal Pet Care. He pet sits in his clients' home while they're away on holidays.

Current Life

Dakota lives with his mother, Gina, his father, Randy, his two dogs, and several fish. He dreams of finishing his college degree and becoming a sports broadcaster.

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